Sepak takraw : Fault



1. The Serving Side During Service
     1.1 The Inside player who is making service throws, plays about with the ball (throwing up the ball, bumping, giving to other Inside player, etc.) after the call of score has been made by the Referee.
     1.2 Any of the Inside player lifts his/her feet, steps on the lines or center line or crosses over or touches the net while the ball is being thrown for the "serve"
     1.3 The Tekong jumps off the ground to execute the service or the standing foot steps on the service circle line before and during the service.
     1.4 The Tekong does not kick the ball on the service throw.
     1.5 The ball touches his/her own player before crossing over the opponent court.
     1.6 The ball goes over the net but falls outside the court.
     1.7 The ball does not cross to the opponent side.
     1.8 A player uses his/her hand or hands, or any other part of his/her arms to facilitate the execution of a kick even if the hand or arm does not directly touches the ball, but it touches other objects or surfaces instead when doing so.
     1.9 The Thrower of the serving Regu throws the ball before the referee calls the score, for the second or subsequent time during the match

2. Serving And Receiving Side During Service
     2.1 Creating distracting manner or noise or shouting at his/her opponent.

3. For Both Sides During The Game
     3.1 Any player who touches the ball on the opponent side.
     3.2 Any part of player's body crosses over into opponent's court whether above or under the net except during the follow-through.
     3.3 Playing the ball more than 3 times in succession.
     3.4 The ball touches the arm
     3.5 Stopping or holding the ball under the arm, between the legs or body.
     3.6 Any part of the body or player's outfits e.g. shoes, jersey, head band etc., touches the net or the post or the Referee's chairs or falls into the opponent's side.
     3.7 The ball touches the ceiling, roof or the wall (any objects).
     3.8 Any player who uses the aid of any external object as a form of support to facilitate the execution of a kick.


Reference : Department of Physical Education, Ministry of Tourism & Sports
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