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The 2022 FIFA World Cup is an international football tournament contested by the men's national teams of FIFA's member associations. The 22nd FIFA World Cup, it is taking place in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December 2022. It is the first World Cup to be held in the Arab world and Muslim world, and the second held entirely in Asia after the 2002 tournament in South Korea and Japan. France are the defending champions, having defeated Croatia 4–2 in the 2018 final. At an estimated cost of over $220 billion, it is the most expensive World Cup ever held; this figure is disputed by Qatari officials, including organizing CEO Nasser Al Khater, who said the true cost is $8 billion, and other figures relate to overall infrastructure development since the World Cup was awarded to Qatar in 2010.

This tournament is set to be the last with 32 participating teams, with the field to increase to 48 teams for the 2026 edition. To avoid the extremes of Qatar's hot climate this World Cup is being held during November and December. It is being played in a reduced timeframe of 29 days with 64 matches to be played in eight venues across five cities. The Qatar national football team entered the event automatically, their first World Cup, alongside 31 teams who were determined by the qualification process. Qatar lost all three group matches; they became the first hosts to lose their opening game, the earliest host nation eliminated, and the second host (after South Africa in 2010) not to progress past the first stage.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers is a tournament organized by FIFA's six sub-confederations. To determine 31 of the 32 teams that will play in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, along with Qatar, which automatically qualify as hosts. There are 206 teams from all FIFA member nations competing. The competition started in June 2019 and was scheduled to end in June 2022, with some matches postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification was the qualifying process which decided the 31 teams that would join hosts Qatar, who received an automatic spot, at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Parallel tournaments were organised by FIFA's six confederations. Qualification started on 6 June 2019 with several matches of the AFC zone, the first being between Mongolia and Brunei, and ended on 14 June 2022 with an inter-confederation play-off between Costa Rica and New Zealand.

to play football It is always changing and evolving. According to the changing era If it is a big report of each league and country That is the World Cup itself. People who play football professionally dream of being part of the national representatives. Because the World Cup is a competition that takes place every 4 years, there will be a total of 216 national teams around the world competing to qualify. 32 real teams It is the highest point of football players.

Every year at the World Cup Only half of the 32 teams will qualify for the knockout round. Goals set as the teams draw on points at the 2022 FIFA World Cup group stage in Qatar.

Host Qatar is not counted. Every team at the 2022 World Cup has gone through an intense qualifying journey. It is not uncommon for certain situations in the group stage to draw. Until some teams have the same points until there is a goal difference - the same loss, but anyway, every group must have a champion and a group runner-up who go through to the next round and must have 2 more teams pack their bags and go home and not Just the qualifying round is over. Being group winners and runners-up is also a condition that determines how difficult it will be for their opponents in the round of 16. These are the conditions for qualifying for the last 16 of the 2022 FIFA World Cup group stage, which will probably be the last time that 32 teams will be in this round before increasing to 48 for the 2026 World Cup.




World Cup 2022 Group Stage Ranking Conditions


The prerequisites are, of course, that The two teams with the most points in each group. After finishing all three matches in the group stage will be the team that advances to the next round But if there are two (or more) teams with the same score. Then give the rating based on the goal difference.

But if any group has equal teams in both points and goal difference Then rank them according to the number of goals scored - so the more goals the better.

A primarily summary is:

1.view score
2.See the goal difference.
3. Goal scored

If all three are still the same Next is head-to-head or head-to-head performance. For example, if Mexico and Sweden in Group F have points, goal difference, goals scored all equal. The team that wins the match against each other will receive a better ranking.

If the result of the match against each other is still a draw Let's move to see the goal difference, losing only the games that meet each other. Then it is the number of goals scored in the game against each other.

At this point, if still unable to find a better team will enter the calculation of fair play points in each game Fair play points will be deducted individually when a player receives a yellow card (-1), a red card after receiving a second yellow card (-3), a straight red card (-4) and a straight red card after receiving a yellow card (-5). The team with fewer cautions will have a better fair play score.

At this point, if there is still a draw, FIFA will use a lottery method to see who will be ranked in which position.


The sequence can be summarized as follows:

1.view score
2.See the goal difference.
3.can see the door
View scores from the results of specific teams that are tied (head-to-head/mini-league).
View goal difference only for equal teams
View goals only for equal teams
View Fair Play Scores
Draw by FIFA



for example

Summary of the situation and conditions for qualifying - elimination of teams in Group A-B after the second game of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup.

Saturday, November 26, 2022. Day 6 of the 2022 FIFA World Cup final in Qatar has ended. There is a total of 1 win-loss result and 1 draw with a score and a draw without a score.





The results of all competitions are as follows.

Group A
Qatar 1-3 Senegal

Netherlands 1-1 Ecuador

Group B
England 0-0 USA

Wales 0-2 Iran

As a result, two games have passed with all teams in both groups. Group A, Netherlands and Ecuador jointly lead the table, followed by third-placed Senegal with three points and Qatar already eliminated.

In Group B, England lead the table with four points, followed by Iran in second place with three points, USA in third place with two points and Wales finishing in fourth place.

The situation of each team at this time


Group A
*Netherlands 4 points (last game against Qatar)

-Need 1 point to guarantee a place in the finals or need 3 points to win a group. If they lose, Ecuador has points and will finish 2nd in the group.

**Ecuador 4 points (Last game against Senegal)

-Need 1 point to guarantee a place in the finals or need 3 points to win a group. If they lose and Netherlands have a point, they will be eliminated immediately.

***Senegal 3 points (Last game against Ecuador)

- Requires 3 points only to guarantee qualifying. If a draw or loss is eliminated immediately.

****Qatar 0 points (last game vs. Netherlands)

- 100% eliminated


Group B
* England 4 points (last game against Wales)

- 3 points are required to guarantee group winners and 100% pass. If a draw-lose must see the result of the group pair

**Iran 3 points (final game vs. United States of America)

3 points needed and England, must not win, will finish top of their group and qualify. If a draw and Wales do not win, they will go straight to the knockout round. If lost, eliminated immediately)

***USA 2 points (final game against Iran)

- Need 3 points to advance to the next round If draw-lose, immediately eliminated

****Wales 1 point (Last game against England)

- Only 3 points required for a chance to qualify and must encourage the couple Iran-USA

If a draw, to measure the goal difference against Iran If the Iran-USA match wins and loses, then there will be a goal difference against England.

If you lose, you are eliminated immediately.


How to reach the knockout stages: How the 2022 World Cup Extra Time works How is a penalty shootout decided?


When a team enters the knockout round The chances of a draw and no winner are immediately equal to zero. Every match must have one team go on. and one team is eliminated

When the game is tied after 90 minutes, the referee blows out a short break. Before calling back to compete in extra time for another 30 minutes, divided into halves of 15 minutes

If after 120 minutes and still a draw will enter the penalty shootout to determine the winner They will take turns shooting, 5 people per side.

But if 5 people have already passed, it's still a draw. will go into a sudden death penalty shootout one by one if any time one team shoots in One team misses Let the team shoot into the win immediately By shooting each other until a winner is obtained.




2022 FIFA World Cup qualification.FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifying Rules Group Stage.[Online].Accessible from

FIFA World Cup qualification.FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifying Rules Group Stage.[Online].Accessible

In the World Cup in the qualifying round It is a competition organized by the six sub-confederations of FIFA. To determine 31 of the 32 teams that will play in the World Cup, along with Qatar, who automatically qualify as hosts.With 206 teams from all FIFA member nations competing, it is the largest reported football competition in football. In each of the 4 years of competition, there will be a host of the World Cup in that year. This year is the 2022 World Cup, which host country this year is Qatar. main soccer field That will be used in the 2022 World Cup in which Qatar will host a total of 8 stadiums


1. Lusail Stadium



Lusail Stadium, located in Lusail, about 20 kilometers from Doha, the capital of Qatar, is the main stadium of this World Cup that the host prepares to present to fans around the world. both as a field for the opening ceremony of the competition and used for the finals The stadium was designed by renowned British architecture and engineering firm Foster + Partner. Inspired by the light and shadow created by an Arabian lantern. When viewed from above, both curves and slopes are visible. that creates the shape of a large cauldron

The tournament organizers say it will help create a great atmosphere for the competition. However, at the end of the World Cup Most of the seats will be donated to developing countries. Because the city of Lucelle did not want to use the football field.


Capacity: 80,000 seats

Number of games used: 10 games including opening ceremony and final


2. Al Janoube Stadium



The Al Janab Stadium, formerly known as the Al Wakrah Course, was inspired by the dhow sailing trips along Qatar's long-standing coastline, designed by Dem Zaha Ha. Did (Dame Zaha Hadid), British-Iraqi architect However, after a sketch of the Al Janob Stadium was first released, it was criticized for looking more like female genitalia than a sailboat.

The stadium is designed in a modern style with an open-closed roof. with cooling system so that it can be used to organize competitions throughout the year However, after the tournament The 20,000 stadium seats will be donated as well as the Lucelle Stadium.

Capacity: 40,000 seats

Number of games used: 7 games


3. Al Bayte Stadium



The Al Bayt Stadium, located in Al Khor, about 50km north of Doha, hosted the competition from the first round to the semi-finals. Designed by Dar Al- Handasah (Dar Al-Handasah), who wanted the pitch to show a friendly welcome. With a pitch structure that looks like a traditional Arab tent called Bayt al Sha'ar.

The Al Bayt Stadium comes with an open-closed roof. To cope with temperatures that may reach 30 degrees in November. and because it is the farthest field from Doha The host has prepared hotel and shopping facilities for tourists who do not want to travel to the capital of Qatar.

Capacity: 60,000 seats

Number of games used: 8 games


4. Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium



The Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, located in Al Rayyan, was rebuilt on top of the original stadium. The arena, which plays until the round of 16, was designed to reflect the culture of Qatar. The front of the stadium features intricate patterns to represent the country's story. From native wildlife to trading history And because the field is located near the desert. Therefore, the area is decorated for serving tourists. and there are souvenir shops outside the field

Capacity: 40,000 seats

Number of games used: 7 games


5. Education City Stadium




Education City Stadium is located on the grounds of the Qatar Foundation, just six miles from central Doha. It will sparkle both during the day and at night. So there is another name called 'Diamond of the Desert'

This stadium was used as the arena for the 2021 FIFA Club World Cup final. Between Bayern Munich and Tigres, after the end of the 2022 World Cup, Education City Stadium will be used as the home ground for the Qatar women's soccer team in national competitions.


Capacity: 40,000 seats

Number of games used: 8 games


6. Al Thumama Stadium




Designed by the Arab Engineering Bureau, this football stadium was inspired by the 'Gahfiya', a men's Arabic hat. It was the first World Cup stadium designed by a Qatari architect.

Not only will it be used as a fighting arena Within the area of the stadium, there is also a hotel and a mosque for tourists. However, after the competition ended Half of the seats at Al Thumama will be removed and donated to developing countries.

Capacity: 40,000 seats

Number of games used: 8 games


7. Stadium 974



The stadium was designed by FIA Fenwick Iribarren Architecs for the 2022 World Cup just once. Using 974 containers and other materials that can be easily dismantled after the race which is the origin of the name of the field

Even if it's a temporary football field. But it has a feature in the beauty of the surrounding area. Because the outside of the stadium overlooks the Doha Corniche and the West Bay, which is a coastal area.

Capacity: 40,000 seats

Number of games used: 7 games


8. Khalifa International Stadium



The only football stadium to be built ahead of the 2022 World Cup is Qatar's National Stadium, built in 1976, and has hosted several national sporting events including the Asian Games, Gulf Cup, AFC Asian Cup, including the IAAF World Athletics Championship 2019

It is also home to a friendly match between England and Brazil in 2009, as well as Liverpool, which won the FIFA Club World Cup 10 years ago. Cup) last year

Capacity: 45,416 seats

Number of games used: 8 games



Stadiums Qatar 2022.Football stadiums competing in the World Cup 2022.[Online].Accessible