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Portugal or the official name is Portuguese Republic It is a republic with a democratic regime. It is located in the western and southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula in southern Europe. And is considered the country that is in the west the most among all European countries. (except Great Britain and nearby islands) Portugal borders Spain in the north and east. and borders the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south. Portugal is also a territory of several islands in the Atlantic Ocean, such as the Azores and the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo.


Portugal national football team Representing the national football team from Portugal It is currently under the supervision of the Portuguese Football Federation on a global scale. Portugal has yet to win any trophies. Portugal was fourth at the 2006 FIFA World Cup, entering the World Cup for the first time in 1966, where they qualified for the quarter-finals (3rd place), losing 2-1 to England. Qualified for the World Cup in 1986 and 2002, but was eliminated from the first round.

In 2003, the Portuguese Football Federation decided to hire Luis Filipi Scolari, a Brazilian who had led Brazil. Won the 2002 FIFA World Cup, with Scolari leading Portugal to the final at the 2004 European Championships, but lost to Greece in the final. This enabled Portugal to become one of the two host nations at the European Championships that failed to win a final and subsequently led the team to a second World Cup final in 2006. Scolari left in 2008 to become Chelsea manager. Carluch Kryros was appointed as Portugal's new manager in 2008, and Queiroz led Portugal to the final at the 2010 World Cup.

In the 2006 World Cup Portugal won. The "FIFA World Cup Entertainment Team Awards" are the funniest teams to play in the World Cup final. It was the last team to receive this award before it was cancelled. Portugal were crowned champions at the 2016 European Championships in France, beating hosts France 1-0 in extra time after regular time in the 109th minute from Adre. The first and only major tournament so far Portugal has won.


Number of World Cup Qualifiers

World Cup finalists 7 times


World Cup results

1966 - 3rd place

1986 - Finalist

2002 - Finalist

2006 - Qualified for 4th place in the finals

2010 - Qualified for the last 16

2014 - Finalist

2018 - Finalist of 32 teams

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