Sepak takraw : Temporary Suspension of Play

Temporary Suspension of Play
Temporary Suspension of Play


     1. The Referee can suspend play temporarily should a player gets injured and needs immediate treatment, for not more than 5 minutes for each regu.
     2. An injured player is allowed up to 5 minutes injury time-out. If after 5 minutes, the player is unable to continue, a substitution must be made. If the injured player's team has already made a substitution, the match will be declared a forfeit in favor of the opposing team.
     3. In the event of obstructions, disturbances or any other matters, only the Official Referee can suspend play upon concurrence with the Tournament Committee.
     4. In the course of such suspension, all players are not allowed to leave the court to receive drinks or any form of assistance.


Reference : Department of Physical Education, Ministry of Tourism & Sports
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