Sepak takraw : The net

The net
The net


     1. The net shall be made of fine ordinary cord or nylon with 0.06 m to 0.08 m mesh.
     2. The net is 0.7 m in depth and not shorter than 6.1 m in length placed vertically over the axis of the centerline.
     3. Two side bands 0.05 m wide are fastened vertically to the net and placed above each sideline. They are considered as part of the net.
     4. The net shall be edged with 0.05 m wide tape double at the top and bottom supported by a fine ordinary cord or nylon cord that runs through the tape, strains over and flushes with the top of the post.
     5. The height of the net at the centre of the court shall be 1.52 m for men and 1.42 m for women while at the posts shall be 1.55 m for men and 1.45 m for women.


Reference : Department of Physical Education, Ministry of Tourism & Sports
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